History of South Durham Casket


We are a fourth generation family-owned business founded in 1960 by Charles Edouard Dumont help by his son Gaston and Claude. The company grew up to be a well respected source of quality casket, 1978 Marc join the company and was in charge of the production he design many new style that help the company grew up to be what it is today 1992 mark a new era for South Durham we proudly became a CSFA member and enter the US market, 2005 Charles David came abord and follow the foot step of his dad hopefully in a few more years another family member will joined the company bringing along new idea to help the company focused on providing the best value in hardwood caskets.

The variety of wood caskets offered by South Durham is designed to meet the needs of families as well as the requirements of the latest trends in funeral services.

South Durham tradition of excellence mean respect, quality, service, value.




Our Partners

  • All casket are delivered by truck with an air cushioned trailer
  • Casket sit on shelves
  • Casket loading and unloading is an easy step provided by an electric elevator